Podcast: NT2 – Nick Kagame

This genre-hopping podcast number two is an eclectic mix of songs with one warning: will induce bouts of foot tapping and head bopping; courtesy of Nick Kagame – music therapist by day, DJ by night.

With influences spanning the globe, the Manchester-based Londoner began his DJing career in now-defunct Fallowfield venue, The Corner, spinning dancehall and reggae for its excited student crowd.

These days, his mixes contain a wide variety of genres encompassing a range of influences, from Chicago house through to African highlife. NT2 is a showcase of the records Nick is digging right now and with it’s chilled, bass-y vibe, this is great for a feel-good mix, to listen to whilst preparing for a big night.

  • Omar s & John F.M.  – FAAHHUUUUUU (FXE)
  • DJ Sotofett & Karolin Tampere Feat. Maimouna Haugen – Nondo (Honest Jon’s)
  • Laksa – Baded (Mistry)
  • Kornel Kovacs – Malon (Numbers)
  • Genius of Time – Djungel Jam (Running Back)
  • Black Motion – Banane Mavoko Feat. Jah Rich (Tribe)
  • Total Science – Sweet Potato (Skin Depp)
  • Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle – Wait (Beats and Pieces)  (RCA)
  • Da Posse – In the heat of the Night (Future Records)
  • Shan – Work It (Miami Beats) (Running Back)
  • S. Moreira & Xinner – Orbiting Around (Phonica)
  • Sarabi – Koko’s Vibration (Highlife)

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