Nextup: Rebekah – Confined Heart/Kill Floor

The two words Rebekah and Soma in the same sentence should be enough to get most heads excited before a single hi-hat is laid down and with good reason. Rebekah is someone whose music you never want to miss – her production is so tight that she makes it sound easy – a true mark of an expert if there ever was one. You can imagine then, the childlike jubilation I felt as I learned she would be making her debut release on my label of the moment, perhaps even label of the year, Soma Records.

Soma has been so on point with its releases this year, it’s been hard to ignore. Throwing out Rebekah’s debut release at this point, after such a strong year, almost seems unfair to the rest of the labels out there, but I’m certainly not complaining.

The lead track ‘Confined Heart’ is slightly jarring, that eerie background sound blankets the entire track with an irresistibly melancholic tinge. That smooth, rolling bassline is testament to Rebekah’s production skills and she tops it of beautifully with that subtle but effective hi-hat. This is Rebekah at her cerebral finest, throwing out a track with genuine emotional depth and huge replay-ability.

On the flip side, ‘Kill Floor’ is a brutal, thundering assault on the senses that round off Rebekah’s Soma debut with devastating power. That bassline is utter filth and that hi-hat could get most people to at least jack a little. This track isn’t simply a juggernaut bassline chugging on to the wee hours of the morning, it’s more thoughtful and considered than your typical late night stomper. It toys with you, builds you up and then draws you in before laying you out with sheer force.

Hamraj Gulamali


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