Nextup: Mark Broom – Stunned 97/Decay

After more than two decades in the game Mark Broom has probably seen it all. What others may not have seen however, is anyone other than Robert Hood dropping a track on his M-Plant label, as the majority of the label’s catalog is made up almost entirely from releases by Hood himself.

Nevertheless, Broom has released on the label before and Ben Simms and James Ruskin have both also had the pleasure. Interestingly enough, Broom is currently shredding dancefloors with his unreleased dubplate mix of Hood’s classic ‘Never Grow Old’ and so the two producers obviously have a lot of time for one another. In any case, the prospect of seeing anyone dropping a record on M-Plant is mouth-watering to say the least and this time round, as he has done so often, Mark Broom does not disappoint.

The lead track ‘Stunned (97 mix)’ is actually a re-hash of Broom’s original track that he dropped way back in 97, remastered and reworked to its finest. I want to start with the B-side, which is an entirely new composition. The track is, one hundred percent, a certified banger.

Five minutes of 90’s inspired, minimal glory that if heard over the right system and dropped at the right time, it could send dancefloors completely through the roof. The bassline is punchy and raw with just enough of those classic bleeps layered over the top to really get you  moving and that hi-hat in the background is so smooth.

On the lead side is the aforementioned rework of Broom’s original track ‘Stunned’, from his younger, more brutal days. This is a must-hear stomper that could probably make rocks weep. A bassline that is straight power and a closed hat that makes you want to jump, all expertly woven around breakdowns that give you just enough time to breathe but never quite enough time to fully recover.

Release: 9th October 2015

Hamraj Gulamali



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  1. roberto · · Reply

    A good track to use from steadily paced techno to back to banging techno during peak times


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