Manchester mixes: Stone City

We spoke to Andrew, founder of DnB night 45 filters, about his new club night, Stone City, which launches on Friday with The Bug and Flowdan at Antwerp Mansion and how to control branching out from one club night to another.

His first musical passion was Pendulum when he was about 14, which introduced him to the world of DnB, rendering him dedicated DnB head. His interest in music stems from this early love of DnB and jungle, branching into dub, reggae and grime, which in turn lead to his DnB night, 45 Filters. This year sees the launch of Stone City, a night with a less rigid music policy, based around 140/garage/grime scene.

 You’re known for the night 45 Filters, will there be much of a crossover with Stone City? 
Not really, 45 Filters is a straight up DnB night, no house in the second room or whatever, only 170bpm and that’s how it’ll stay. I want Stone City to have a much more open-ended approach, not defined by any one genre. I’m definitely going to limit the amount of DnB there though, as I don’t need to be competing with myself in the already overcrowded Manchester DnB scene!

How hard has it been to keep the two separate?
It is relatively easy to keep them separate, as 45 is a very niche and one dimensional night, it will only ever be drum & bass music. In contrast to this, Stone City will literally be whatever music and artists people are feeling at the time, which right now is the whole 140/garage/grime scene.

Have you found that 45 Filters has helped with Stone City in any way? 
Definitely. The relationships I’ve built with clubs, agents, artists and most importantly the ‘heads’, means starting up Stone City has been much easier than when I first started 45 Filters. I think it’s a bit like when people say the second foreign language they learnt was easier than the first, as they had the experience and foundations from learning the first one.

Why is it called Stone City and what inspired the idea?
All the buildings in Manchester are that gritty industrial red brick stone, I guess it comes from that…but sometimes you’re just thinking and a name comes to you and it just seems to work.

Andrew recorded an exclusive mix for Nextup, ahead of his night on 23rd. More details here:


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