Nextup: Mumbai Science – Black Hole (Floorplan Remix)

About a month ago, a remix by Robert Hood was featured on Gary Martin’s latest release. Hood used this opportunity to showcase his airtight production skills and all-round ability to throw out a stomper, regardless of which moniker he releases under. This month he’s back at it, throwing out another remix, this time however, he’s produced a remix under his Floorplan guise for the first time. And so whilst he hasn’t produced anything original since April, he’s still keeping his hand in enough to placate the overly eager masses.

The original track ‘Black Hole’ by Mumbai Science is an intriguing piece of electronica – it’s not one that could be wholeheartedly categorized as a disco, house or techno track, it exists as its own entity and is typical of the unique sound that Mumbai Science often displays. As a track it’s slightly unnerving, not something I feel entirely comfortable listening to, yet simultaneously it’s something I’m struggling to turn off. The vocals especially stand out – equally captivating as they are disturbing.

Hood’s remix brings things back to much familiar territory with his classic Floorplan sound of funky, euphoric techno that most DJ’s worth their weigh in salt have leaned on at some point. Interestingly, Hood chooses to keep the vocal loop but pairs it with the occasional whistle and that infectiously upbeat loop to help create his trademark sound of elation. Beneath the hoopla you can hear a flat, punchy bassline and subtle but unmistakably Floorplan-esque hi-hat that form the core of this track and give it its irresistible dance-ability.

Release: 23.10.2015

Hamraj Gulamali


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