Nextup: Hans Bouffmyhre – Down the Drain

Hans Bouffmyhre is at it again, the guy is only 25 and he’s already charted a bunch of releases on esteemed techno labels and runs Sleaze Records, one of my favourite UK based techno outfits, at the same time.

This latest release sees him dropping a two track EP on Decoy which includes a tantalizingly good remix by Rebekah, rounding off the record nicely. The whole EP is a schooling in proper industrial, gritty, no-nonsense techno that comes at you from all angles, without falling in to the trap of becoming overwhelming noise.

The lead track, ‘Down the Drain’, encapsulates the vibe of the EP brilliantly and it’s a syncopated assault on the senses that plows along with little regard for the dancefloor: choppy and brutal techno music at its finest. Rebekah’s remix takes things in a slightly different direction, eschewing the syncopated beats for a constant and powerful bassline, accentuated by eerie background noises that gives this track a proper gritty industrial feel. All the while, Rebekah manages to link this industrial stomper to the dancefloor without comprising on the grit.

The standout track for me is ‘Step Back’. The bassline hits hard from the off and background noise gives this track a lot of basement grunge. Past that, however, Bouffmyhre has managed to give this track a distinct groove and rhythm, without losing the industrial sound. When that hi-hat kicks in, most dancefloors are going to lose their shit. This track is gong to send crowds in to a frenzy right through the depths of winter.

Release: 02.11.2015

Hamraj Gulamali


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