Nextups and throwbacks: Hold Tight

Hold Tight is a new club night aimed at offering an innovative clubbing experience. The night was inspired by boutique festivals which offer great music but combine this with visuals and art installations. This emphasis on ‘not just music’ is something that Hold Tight aims to bring to Manchester’s clubbing scene.

The Hold Tight Collective, comprising of artists, VJs and promoters, will be bringing 3D projections, art installations and high quality music from across the dance spectrum to the club.

Hold Tight’s first night is set to take place on November 20th at Texture, an exciting new venue in the Northern Quarter, featuring music from the likes of Cutwerk (Heads Up!), Generic Greeting and Rotation Policy. Ahead of their event, we asked the DJs of the group to pick their five best nextup and throwback tunes.

Hold Tight: Launch Party @ Texture (20/11/2015) 
Tickets: £4 (Party for the People)


  • Idris Muhammad – ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’
    Justin: “Idris Muhammad in my opinion has made some of the greatest funk and soul tunes out there. This is probably one of his most well known ones, and gives you an uplifting dose of funk and soul.”
  • Junie Morrison – ‘Super Spirit’
    Rich: “This is more of an album in 5 minutes than a song. I love how it shifts through so many perfectly formed moments, each one could be a song in it’s own right, whilst carrying such a consistent message and positive message through the lyrics.”
  • Wally Badarou – ‘Chief Inspector’
    Glen: “I first heard this tune on the Do!! You!!! Breakfast Show on NTS and was straight onto the chat room to track down the ID. I think the best thing about this track is that the bassline, for the most part, is basically just one note! The groove comes from the excellent syncopated rhythm, with great punchy LinnDrum percussion alongside some classic 80s synths driving the track forward.”
  • Goody Goody – ‘It Looks Like Love (Dimitri from Paris edit)’
    Calum: “Just the best edit ever really. Never fails to spark a dancefloor.”
  • Alex Reece – ‘Pulp Fiction’
    Bill: “Real crossover sound, I love the horn sample. Drums are tight and clicky, moving away from tracks that Alex Reece must have been inspired by. Similar to metalheadz and Goldie – kinda goes without saying – but this track needs to be dug up.”


  • Stray – ‘Paradise’
    Justin:”Stray has always been one of my favorite drum & bass producers, and his most recent releases have been amazing. This is the title track of his new EP on Exit records, which has a nice blend of a feel good synths and glitchy half time beats.”
  • J Hus – ‘Lean & Bop’
    Rich: “I’m easily swayed by tracks with accompanying dance moves but this one is something else. It’s been on constant rotation for 6 months now and shows no signs of getting tired.”
  • Ajukaja & Andrevski – ‘Looking For Something That’s Not There’
    Glen: “Technically, this came out back in May, but I only picked up the 12″ a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have been unfairly slept on in my opinion! Wonky, dreamy house which chugs along over the course of seven minutes with plenty of interesting and organic sounds thrown in for good measure.”
  • DJ Bone – ‘Differ-Ent (Ity)’
    Calum: “Dystopian techno especially of the Detroit soulful flavour rarely disappoints. Usually youd have to delve back into the late 80s and 90s for the best examples but this one from DJ Bones was produced this year! More known for his frenetic DJing and technical wizardry behind the decks, now known to have production skills that (almost) equal it.”
  • Henry Wu – ‘Croydon Depo’
    Bill: “Loving Henry Wu’s ‘Good Morning Peckham’ EP, in particular ‘Croydon Depo’ – great soulful, almost jazzy timbre, sweet rollin sub bass and soothing vocal content slapped on the top. Will work in the club and for me it’s a certified banger!”

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