Nextup: Christian Löffler – Lost EP

Christian Löffler is a name that most of us with an interest in deep house will recognise. A steady 6 year stream of releases has seen Löffler become one the genres prized possessions, with a reputation for producing deeply moving melodic excursions. Releasing on the Italian based label, Just This, Löffler offers more of this irresistible style alongside Lake People and Nuno Dos Santos in his latest EP ‘Lost’.

‘Lost’ makes a slow, sustained entrance through its title track. Opening with bold string notes, subtle introductions of deeper horns soon become more predominant, as the track plummets into the lower octaves, triggering a rupture of bass around a minute in. It’s an opening that immediately reiterates Löffler’s ability to envelop melody into a succulent, dense atmosphere. Both ‘Lost’ and ‘Untitled’ poise delicately between driving percussion and lighter synth interplay, with the balance honed so that one never completely overpowers the other. Often, with Löffler’s productions there exists a dichotomy between melancholy and euphoria, of which exists in abundance here. ‘Lost’ admittedly achieves this more emphatically, offering an eerily striking bell section that bares resemblance to the transcendent feel of James Holden’s remix of Nathan Fake’s ‘The Sky Was Pink’.

Certainly audibly beautiful, ‘Lost’ and ‘Untitled’ suffer though from a lack of unpredictability. The simplicity of Löffler’s chord progressions and structural developments is a strong component to the underlying hypnotic feel of his productions, however here the hypnotism is slightly tiresome and numbing at points.

Both remixes successfully manage to broaden the EP’s appeal, offering more club orientated interpretations. Lake People’s cranks up the bassweight and offers some neatly woven synth and acid interplay, whilst well-known and loved Italian homeboy Nuno Dos Santos creates a more topsy-turvy affair, moving in and out of drum and melodic sequences.

Release date: 11.12.15

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Calum Carey


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