Nextup: Roberto Capuano – Obsessed

What I love about Drumcode is its consistency – releases are always undeniably well produced. Many Drumcode releases follow a similar structure of bass heavy belters that are most likely to be found ‘in the rave’. Similarly to a lot of Dense and Pika‘s back catalogue, Drumcode tracks end up everywhere, from Beatport’s top 100 to that house party you’re thinking of going to tonight. The material they throw out isn’t exactly the most avant-garde, but that really isn’t their style. They focus club ready, bass-ridden stompers and sometimes, that is exactly what you need to hear.

This time round they’ve called upon Roberto Capuano to do their bidding and he’s stepped up and done a fine job with his latest four-track EP, ‘Wilford’. The whole album is archetypal Drumcode material but he’s  managed to inject a bit of his own personality into the EP. The last track on the album, ‘Till Dawn’, is the most straightforward of the bunch. It’s the airiest track on the EP, with the most obvious elements of groove and would most probably get rinsed at that house party I was talking about earlier.

‘Obsessed’ is the darkest track on the EP and for the first few listens, this was my favourite track, most probably because of that punchy kick drum underpinning the entire song. ‘Mirror’ stands out as the most cerebral track. Again, another punchy kick drum drives the song forward into ketty noises and soft hi-hats. The kick drum is about the only constant in the whole track, as everything else seems to ebb and flow around it, with total disregard to the dancefloor.

Even against stiff competition, the lead track ‘Wilford’ is the stand-out. It’s Drumcode-esque with a hard hitting opening, but complex enough to give it some serious replayability. I love the way that menacing bassline is offset throughout the track by syncopated hats and claps and understated industrial noises dotted throughout the track bring the entire thing together. A release of beauty.

Release date: 23.11.2015

Hamraj Gulamali


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