Nextup: Jet Lag – Kalden Bess

Kalden Bess is a young (in the game) producer from Canada who seems to have his feet firmly rooted in the underground. He recently dropped a three track EP on the Organism label, which included two remixes to round off the package. Organism is one of those beautifully understated labels with a backcatalogue of around 90 releases, including some from the likes of Perc and Hans Bouffmyhre. Clearly, the label has a high pedigree, but it manages to fly under the radar, making its releases that much sweeter.

The third track of the EP, ‘Slower’, is actually a bonus track, chugging along to a wholesome syncopated kick drum, topped with a slightly cheesy vocal loop to take the track along a slightly different path. The use of these vocal loops is a reoccurring theme throughout the EP, which is slightly disappointing given the strength of the instrumentals. ‘Rabbit Hole’ is the most cerebral track of the entire album and as the title suggests, it is a ketty exploration of the more melancholic side of the techno. There is another one of those vocal loops but the blips and the bleeps in this once are perfectly placed over another wholesome bassline. This is a proper afterparty anthem that will nicely carry those still on the dancefloor onto the next plateau.

The remixes for the EP are a mixed bag. Jon Gurd’s minamilst interpretation of ‘Rabbit Hole’ is definitely missing something, which is a shame given his ability. On the other hand, head honcho of the Modularz label, Developer, manages to give ‘Jet Lag’ a proper once over. Whilst I still prefer the original, Developer’s stomping remix is a tidy industrial addition to the EP.

The lead track of the album (and my favourite), ‘Jet Lag’, is Kalden Bess at his finest. Nice industrial sounds in the background subtly enhance a groovy instrumental that would fit well on most dancefloors. Admittedly, this isn’t one to force the crowd into a drink-spilling frenzy – it’s more versatile than tracks like that. That hi-hat is so well constructed and whenever you here this track you’ll undoubtedly be absorbed by its hypnotic melody and then that bassline will get you moving your feet.

Hamraj Gulamali


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