Throwback 2015: Al Zanders

Al Zanders, the producer responsible for one of our favourite tracks of 2015 ‘Long Gone’, has picked his own top five releases of the past year.

The Sheffield native can often be found bringing the party to clubs around the Pennines and beyond. As his latest release on Blind Jack’s Journey is likely to make the cut for more than a few ‘best of 2015’ lists, 2016 is looking very bright for him indeed.

Here’s the aforementioned track from Al:

Al’s top five:
Roisin Murphy – House of Glass (Maurice Fulton Remix) [December]
“Just got my hands on this remix of Roisin Murphy by Maurice Fulton and can’t wait to play it out! Maurice often plays in Sheffield over Christmas… last year someone in the audience handed him a bra and he played with it on his head for hours till closing. I’ll buy a record by someone who does that.”

Contours – Blossom Towers [November]
“New music on Rhythm Section. Tom’s a brilliant percussionist and records all his own samples, which is something I admire and should do more of myself! He’s got lots of great unreleased material that will hopefully be getting out there in 2016.”

Gnork – Lose Control [November]
“Really liked Gnork’s EP on ‘Crow Castle Cuts’ earlier this year and this track on his new label ‘Blorp’ also hits the spot. Ethereal and moving house music that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Tom Blip – Wrong Guanco (Blip Disks) [August]
“This one could be my favourite club track of the year. Mixes into a lot of different records and always gets a great crowd reaction. There’s new Blip Discs coming out soon so look out for that!”

Shanti Celeste – SSS (OG Cut) [November]
“Really nice old school house on Funkineven’s ‘Apron Records’ and possibly my favourite track by Shanti Celeste. I like that a lot of Apron’s releases are collaborative like this one. Looking forward to hearing what they have in store for the coming year.”


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