Nextup 2016: Brooklyn & Beyond – ones to watch

Brooklyn & Beyond picked their top five artists for 2016. Here’s what they had to say…

“The Brooklyn & Beyond parties started early last year, ‘Brooklyn’ represents the rawness and diversity that the city has, which is a major influence for the party. Our first guest that played for us at our adopted home, Soup Kitchen was WOLF music honcho, Medlar alongside our good friend Hidden Spheres and for our next outing, James Priestley brought his legendary ‘secretsundaze’ party up from London.

After a small break over the summer and some major planning, we managed to bag one of the our most beloved artists, Dark Sky. B&B aims to surprise – there’s no real set pattern that we go for – as the influences we have are so wide. We rely on diversity and open-minded dancers to make the party a success. Our plan is to build a community of music lovers and give them a time to dance and discover something new every time they attend.”

Their next event is with Dark Sky on 11th Feb:

5. Be (Garth BE)
First, we must give Be’s 2011 release, ‘Nocturnal’ a shout out. After a small hiatus, he is back and it looks like he is more ready than ever. A fresh taste of what is to come from this Manchester producer can be heard releasing on his own record label called ‘Sweet Sticky’. The Manchester producer gave us a well-deserved album, ‘Seven Moments’ from his own imprint back in 2014 and has followed suit with an LP that’s soaked in jazzy licks, ‘Hipnotony’. We hope Be will gift us with some more goodies in 2016.

4. Hidden Spheres
When listening to Hidden Spheres, it is hard to believe that he doesn’t create his music sitting on the beach of some deserted island in the middle of the med, but actually from a city that rains so much, its actual nickname is ‘the rainy city’. With only three releases under his belt, he has attracted the attention of some of the world’s most respected players in the game. A release on the renowned Detroit label Moods & Grooves that has seen EPs from the likes of Kyle Hall, Theo Parrish and Glenn Underground (to name a few) run by legend in his own right, Mike Grant. Most recently, he has paid homage to the lush, summer beats of Lobster Theremin‘s offshoot label, Distant Hawaii. The track has been including in Boiler Room’s 2015 mix alongside other strong 2015 producers, Jack J and Project Pablo – deservedly so, because we fucking love this record. We will be searching for his next record in 2016 with our extra strong shades on.

3. Lord Of The Isles
There are several ways to bring vast attention to yourself as a producer. One way is by getting a play from RA’s number one DJ, Dixon, in his Dekmantel Boiler Room set, which has been watched over 250,000 times. Lord Of The Isles has been lurking in the highlands of Scotland for some time now and has only recently been getting his well-deserved credit. An intricate mix of house, techno and disco characterises the Lord’s work – this is what you get when you have over 30 years experience in the party scene. His most sought-after track so far is ‘XIT’, which was released on Sub Club‘s own label Nautilus Rising. The track itself has enough energy to slay any monster that may prowl in the dark waters of Loch Ness. With a seat at this year’s Love International Festival, we reckon that 2016 will bring him the transition of being submerged under the waters of the loch to peaking at the top of the highlands.

2. Young Marco
With 10 years experience in Amsterdam’s true underground circuit, a DJ that really does define ‘eclectic’. If you attend a party with Young Marco, you’ll likely to hear sounds from the depths of Africa to sounds from an 80s Japanese video game, and he can make it work! Most recently, Young Marco has gifted us with his own productions and consequently found a stable base with labels such as Amsterdam’s own Rush Hour and ESP. His impressive debut album back 2014 showed why Young Marco is a bright face in a crowded community of producers. As a guy that has been gently featured in Amsterdam’s array of DJs and producers for a relatively long time, Young Marco is starting to make his stamp on the scene. His talent at playing those slightly strange records is setting dancefloors alight.

1. Jack J
Pretty bloody obvious! After a year of dominating nearly every poll there is, I don’t think there is an artist that has had a better year than this Canadian native. 2014 saw his first single on Mood Hut and in 2015, Future Times paid homage to his second release. Both have become an essential piece of wax in any DJs’ collection, whether it’s a 2pm Sunday session in the lounge or taking the record for a spin in a dark sweaty basement club at 1am. Jack J is certainly at the forefront of this growing genre (we still don’t know what it is but it’s goddamn groovy) and whatever his secret is, whether it’s his years of experience or maybe he is a wizard. I would say pretty much everyone is drooling at mouth for whatever he has next for us in 2016.


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