Nextup: Ross from Friends

Ross from Friends is the producer of one of our favourite unreleased tracks: Talk To Me, You’ll UnderstandWe asked him to pick his top tunes of 2015 and he went one further to suggest an interview… Who says you have to tell the truth in interviews anyway? I do hope number five is true though, as she sounds pretty cool and it’s a bit harsh to troll your mum. Below are his answers to our quick-fire questions…

1. What’s your name and where are you from?
My name is Ruby Johnson and I come from Norwich.*

2. What else do you do?
I work for a financial radio station in the day, but at night I like to go out go partying with my buds. I also like reading novels set in South America, mainly Isabel Allende’s.isabelle
3. What else are you into?
I recently found a bunch of my brother’s Scalextric in the loft so I’ve really been getting into that in a big way.

4. Talk us through your production techniques and equipment.
I mostly use these online sequencers and drum machines to start, they’re actually pretty good. I record sessions from them into Garageband and try to sync up YouTube videos of old tunes and acapellas, then I cut it all together and record it through tape (VHS or mini DV) and push the gain up high. So I guess in terms of equipment, it’s my computer, a VCR and this junk JVC Mini DV Camera.

5. What are your influences?
My mum used to play all of this experimental electronic stuff around the house like Daphne Oram and show me clips from concerts of her friends performing with home-made electronic instruments. I tried building some but I became much more interested in making music in Audacity.

6. How long have you been making music for?
I’ve been making dance music since I was about 12, so the best part of 14 years now!

7. What was your highlight of 2015?
Meeting my new boyfriend who I’m very much in love with!

8. What are you most excited for in 2016?
Lots of holidays and doing more exciting things. Got a bunch of releases penned in with a label I’ve wanted to work with for years – really jazzed about that. I’m going to be releasing with Lit Level, as part of a compilation, Distant Hawaii and Lobster Theremin.

9. My five favourite releases from 2015 are, in no particular order:

  • MCMXC – Paris Nite EP (ROW records)
  • Various Artists – SALT001 (Salt Mines)
  • Imre Kiss – Midnight Wave (Lobster Theremin)
  • JFLE – JFLE [EP] (Self-release)
  • TLIM SHUG – SURF DUDE EP (Echovolt Records)

*note from the editor: before I realised he was trolling us, I was massively enthused by the fact that the tracks were produced by a female


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