Manchester rising: Yard One

We first saw Yard One warming up for Jane Fitz on New Years Day 2016 and were blown away by the energy and dynamism they displayed throughout their set, one of the best warm-up sets we’d seen in recent times.

An oft’ talked about subject, the warm-up set. We asked Jordan how they approached the concept and the highlights of their set on NYD…
We absolutely love the warm up set. We both put a lot of love and attention into doing a proper warm up, so many people are completely off the mark by banging it out early doors and completely missing the point of bringing the room gradually into the mood for what’s to follow. Some highlights would be Kuba Sojka‘s ‘Forgotten Places’ and Orlando Voorn (aka Format’s) ‘Damn Right’.

Your energy on the night was severely infectious – it’s not often that the DJs are seen to be outwardly having as much fun as the crowd – you guys really bounce off each other. How long have you been DJing together for and when did you meet?
I think we were just pleased to be playing together, it was actually our first time as Yard One DJing in a club so that probably had something to do with the positive energy we gave off. It was a lot of fun and hopefully the first of many. We’ve DJ’d alongside each other and spent many an after party mixing though, we met around 2010 when I moved to Manchester and have been extremely close ever since. Yard One was formed about a year and a half ago and it’s been continually evolving ever since.

Despite the recent inception of Yard One, do you have any plans for the future? Can you see the duo going further than the club?
Yeah absolutely, we’ve just wrapped up a new EP which is set for release in March through my Tact Recordings imprint. We’ll be working on a follow-up album to our debut ‘When Elements Collide’ probably for release around the end of the year and certainly looking to tour a little this year. When it comes to moving out of the club we have discussed moving into live stuff but I wouldn’t want to do it until we’re completely comfortable, I guess we’re already making music that’s not necessarily club focused per se, so I can see us gravitating towards more musical material with less rhythm and more melody as the years go by.

Check out Yard One’s mix here:


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