Nextup: Floorplan – Music/Tell You No Lie

Earlier this year, Robert Hood announced he’d be returning to his Floorplan alias in 2016 with his first full scale album under that moniker since his widely acclaimed ‘Paradise’ EP back in 2013. The eleven track album will be released on June 10th and will be produced with the aid of his 18 year old daughter Lyric. The Floorplan alias has seen Hood release some of his most commercially successful tracks such as ‘Higher’ and ‘Never Grow Old’, both still being rinsed by DJ’s today. The moniker has become synonymous with dancefloor ready killers of the highest quality and often great replayability, see the timeless classic ‘Baby, Baby’ for proof.

Just over a week ago Hood released a two track teaser from his upcoming album, ‘Tell you no lie’ and ‘Music’. The first track ‘Tell you no lie’ is archetypical Floorplan material, uplifting gospel inspired elements, huge drops, a wholesome and punchy bassline and a saucy vocal loop that Hood sampled from Brainstorm’s disco classic ‘Lovin is really my game’. The result is a track that will lift the mood of any dancefloor, not quite drink spilling frenzy mode, but certainly one to get the legs moving. The second track ‘Music’ is a little heavier, still uplifting but with less obvious religious undertones. Big drops, funky hi-hats, a techy bassline and a sweet sample of a Loleatta Holloway acappella still come together to create another DJ tool that you can see getting rinsed right through the summer.

All in all the two track teaser seems pretty well orchestrated, Hood has revealed enough of his hand to get potential listeners excited, but one suspects that he’s keeping the real gems to himself for the time being.

Release date: 29.04.2016

Album release date: 10.06.2016



Hamraj Gulamali


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