Throwback event: Bohemian Grove presents Trus’Me and Space Afrika

Bohemian Grove are a much loved mainstay in Manchester’s underground scene. The heads most certainly turn out for what are always stellar bookings but[and] the vibe is downright charming from start to finish. Last Friday was no different when they brought in local boys Space Afrika to support another local, Trus’me, for a summertime shindig that went down a treat.

We rolled in at about quarter past twelve to virtually no queue, plenty of space on the dance floor and minimal waiting times at the bar, parties in the summer months of Manchester are always a slightly more low-key affair but despite a spacious dance floor, the whole vibe felt busy and you could tell everyone was down for a party. Space Afrika and their live set had the growing crowd going nicely as people continued to filter in. They played a really well-balanced warm up slot, more than enough heavy hitting moments to get people hyped up and interested, all the while keeping the energy levels simmering just under boiling point. Towards the back end of the set, they started to ramp things up with this beauty of track, shortly before they handed the reigns over to Trus’me. 



The layout at Texture is pretty odd as the DJ booth is elevated directly above the bar, facing out to the dance floor. In my opinion this creates some unnecessary separation between the crowd and the DJ, however, from what I could tell, Trus’me seemed buoyed to be playing in front of a home crowd. He started pushing the energy up straight away and played a gorgeously balanced set for the next two hours. As I mentioned earlier, it was a relatively small crowd and so creating a solid vibe becomes a bit tougher but Trus’me nailed it from start to finish. This cheeky Omar S throwback tune he dropped early on was filthy good.



A major shout out to the Space Afrika boys who were throwing some serious shapes at the front of their dance floor after their set. Whilst that was happening at our end, Trus’me took things down a slightly darker and heavier route as the night progressed, moulding the atmosphere beautifully and throwing out what sounded like a remix of WK7’s “Do it yourself” to really get the crowd stomping their feet. Trus’me’s set went from strength to strength before he wound us down beautifully by dropping Donna Summers’ classic “I feel love” to close out with a right classy finish. All in all, Bohemian Grove smashed it again, managing to throw a party that will go down as a highlight of the summer.



Event date: 08.07.2016

Hamraj Gulamali


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