Preview: CTM Festival

With Nextup Throwback-affiliated night, Hold Tight, back once again, we thought it was about time to draw attention to some of the best A/V events out there, starting with CTM Festival. Based in Berlin, running from 27th Jan-6 Feb 2017, this A/V extravaganza features some of the biggest names from both the lighting world and the music world.

Last year, laser artist Robert Henke joined forces with Christopher Bauder to create DEEPWEB, which premiered exclusively at CTM 2016 and this year he’s back again with his dub-techno act, Monolake. Also adding to the visual aspect of the lineup this year is Kurt Hentschlager, who’s ‘SOL’ installation will appear in the cavernous Halle am space in Berghain throughout the festival.

The 18th edition of CTM sees its traditional theme return, this time as ‘FEAR ANGER LOVE’, emotions evoked or inferred through music and art. Lexachast, a project between Bill Kouligas (PAN), sound design duo Amnesia Scanner and Harm van den Dorpel, live-generates images and content from the internet which is then displayed in the venue, coming as a surprise to all witnessing the installation, including the artists themselves.

Music-wise,Bjørn Tornske (favourite of DJ Sotofett’s infamous Trushmix), Marie Davidson (half of Essaie Pas and one of our favourite acts right now), Peggy Gou, Baris K and more cement CTM Festival as a firm fixture in 2017.

Tickets & more info:



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