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Throwback: Mystic Pleasure – Back Door (Gettin Down)

Blink and we’ve all missed it… little known to most, late last year was the release of this fast-paced funk thriller on the NY based Superior Elevation label. Label Owner Tom Noble has built up a strong reputation of championing disco and funk its purest forms, pushed through his imprint and productions like his ‘Africa […]

Throwback: Johnick – Play the World

One of the lesser appreciated tracks of 1995 is this effort from Johnny ‘D’ Mairo and Nicholas Palermo – ‘Play the World’. Moving inbetween 4/4 house and characteristic speed garage percussion shuffles, ‘Play the World’ plays upon tried and tested concepts, but maximises their potential: a smooth bassline, euphoric chords and that mandatory bongo breakdown. […]

Throwback Event: Meat Free Presents: Legowelt (LIVE)

Having lived in Manchester for nearly 4 years now I have become very familiar with the confines of Joshua Brooks. Whilst it has steadily been chugging out great nights over the last 3 years this year has seen the club experience a new lease of life. Now fitted with a formidable Void Sound system, booking […]

Nextup: Manchester Freshers guide 15th – 21st (Part One)

Here we are, back again after an interlude that’s felt briefer than the Premier League season’s, the UK braces itself once again for another fresher onslaught. Manchester hosts one the highest concentrations of students in England, and with this copious amounts of (generally awful) club nights aim to direct your money to their questionable causes. Those […]

Throwback: Joy Orbison – Tentative Bidding

Oh where has that 2009-11 sound gone? A couple weeks ago I was reacquainted with this tune and it has since opened a mental floodgate for cravings of the Joy O, Jacques Greene, Koreless and Deadboy tracks of old. There is no doubt that underground music’s compass points firmly in the direction of techno at […]

Dekmantel: Highlights

Now Dekmantel has well and truly ended if I’ve felt compelled to write a review of some of the songs heard on that magical weekend, both to remember the great times but if mainly to ease the pain of returning to the mundaneness of UK life. Two stand-out moments of the weekend came courtesy of […]

Throwback: Capracara – Flashback 86

Jumping back to 2006 ,to a tune paying homage to the emerging house sound of Chicago,  Capracara served up a beaut of a tune aptly named – ‘Flashback 86’. Perfectly described in its accompanying Youtube description, ‘Flashback 86’ is a ‘sick lumbering monster of acid house where deep Detroit chords meet Chicago bass lines’. Constrained […]