Bohemian Grove

“Bohemian Grove Manchester came about in 2010 as there was a gap in the market for not being to obvious & fashion led & over commercial the city needed more of a emphasis on the music and taking chances & not just obvious names and heads through the door.

Bohemian Grove also is based on a cross section of residents who all have something unique to add.

Cottam is well known for his production and djing and is a bit of a household name and tours the world with his skills but a good northern unassuming character & also has his own Ruff Draft label.

Vietnam – who is new to the scene – has his own special sound and is also a great artist. Check out his artwork on BE / Seven Moments on Sweet Sticky coming out of Manchester & also watch out for big things from Vietnam in 2015.

Means&3rd will be known to many around the city as well as being one of our residents. The ever popular and talented Ben has played many a gig in and around the city as well as starting to get around Europe & can be found on various days behind the counter of Manchester institution Eastern Bloc.

Damo B has been around for many a year – well respected and there’s not much this man doesn’t know about a bit of the black stuff – also hosts his outta limits radio show every week breaking many a new sound.

So that’s the backbone of BG. We’re about passion not fashion and may still be quite aloof but known by many worldwide for taking a chance; letting djs come and actually play a real set anything from 4 to 7 hours, without having to bill it on the promo.

Come down and see live acts… loads of kit and not just a laptop.”

Find Bohemian Grove here:


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