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Throwback: Bert’s Tunes of 2014

Lil Spook- Black Silk [February 2014] Lil Spook (AKA Spooky Black) seems to have seized on a zeitgeist with this mixtape, bringing him a fair amount of mainstream and critical recognition. It’s not hard to see why- the lethargic, woozy ballads are beautifully crafted, taking in hip-hop and RnB through a melancholy 80s pop filter. Comparisons […]

Throwback: John’s Tunes of 2014

Spooky Black – Without You [Feb 2014] Cultural appropriation’s Spooky Black achieved a feat like no other in 2014. Somehow – be it the stark incongruence between image and music, be it the haunting aesthetic that him and his production team managed to consistently make their own over the year, or be it having the […]

Events worth leaving the house for: December (Manchester)

The winters are setting in but that doesn’t mean Manchester is winding down. On the contrary, it’s winding up to New Years. The final month of the year sees a lot of techno for the Rainy City – perfect music to stomp your troubles away/get warmed up with showers of disco, house, funk and afrobeat. […]

Nextup: GFOTY- Friday Night (SOPHIE Remix)

Full disclosure here: this might not actually be a track but a really good mix, as it’s ripped from the continually mysterious SOPHIE’s boiler room set and contains elements of at least 3 tracks (vocals from SOPHIE’s ‘Lemonade’ and GFOTY’s ‘Friday Night’ with an unknown instrumental), the title here is largely hearsay. The beat is a […]

Events worth leaving the house for: 1st – 7th December

Winter is here and whether we like it or not, the festive season is upon us. Term is also quickly drawing to a close which means deadlines reign supreme and a lot of the big heads in Manchester are gearing up for NYE. As ever though, there’s no shortage of quality nights to get yourself […]

Throwback: Frontin – Hipsters don’t dance

For the past eighteen months, Frontin’ has rocked dance floors across Manchester with their unique blend of Soca, tropical vibes and rum. Last Thursday at Joshua Brooks was no different, the promise of Hipsters Don’t Dance and the chance to see Frontin’ boss J Rus go B2B with long time collaborator Orfan, certainly did not […]

Nextup: Arma – Mariah

Arma’s ‘Mariah’ edit has been causing quite a stir since its release as a clip onto Soundcloud last month. Spooky, Plastician and Mele have all played it in recent radio shows or online mixes, and by listening to the two minute clip it is not hard to see why. First and foremost, its source material […]