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The birth of… glitch techno

Glitch techno (or microhouse, or buftech) emerged mainly in Germany and Canada in the late 90s as a variant of minimal techno and is associated with labels like Playhouse, Perlon and Mille Plateaux in Frankfurt, Kompakt in Cologne, and Cynosure in Montreal. Though produced with modern software, its aesthetic roots are in the Italian Futurist […]

Throwback: Hidden Hawaii

Whilst Felix K’s mix for mnml ssgs in 2010 displayed his techno chops, his 2013 album, ‘Flowers of Destruction’, on his own cult Berlin label Hidden Hawaii is undeniably a drum and bass record label. However, it’s a distinctly Berlin drum and bass; soundscape-y, glacial, infused with a minimal techno aesthetic now firmly rooted in […]

Nextup: Hupnosaurus – Muru

Ukranian label Wicked Bass have been pushing a lo-fi, crossover techno sound for a couple of years now. They clearly have an instinct for uncovering new artists, having issued debut 12″s for Huerco S, Innershades, Raw MT and others. Hupnosaurus‘ gritty, analogue production is on point but a bit of digging reveals that they are […]

Nextup: Golden Teacher – On The Street

Glasgow six-piece Golden Teacher strike once more, breaking with the Optimo label to self release ‘Sauciehall Enthrall’, their fourth EP. And it’s a mad visionary, unheralded and unholy racket. Stylistically, it feels like a departure from their past recordings. The four tracks explore Latin American and Jamaican influences. Cassie Ojay steps up to front the band […]

Nextup: Aeroplane – Dancing With Each Other

Aeroplane a.k.a Vito De Luca is back at it, dropping another EP, ‘Page One is Love’, on the wildly successful Eskimo Recordings label. This time he’s moving away from the balaeric sound he normally employs with a stated intent of trying to re-connect with the style and simplicity found in early house tracks from the […]

The rise of… dub techno

Deadbeat, Scott Montieth to the civil authorities, hails from Kitchener Ontario, a part of the world perhaps less associated with the Jamaican diaspora than Berlin. However, sometime after singing in a youth choir as part of his protestant minister father’s church, and then finding punk rock as a teenage bassist, Montieth got the reggae bug. […]

Throwback: Smith & Mighty feat. Niji 40 – B Line Fi Blow

West country legends Smith & Mighty bring in the low-end with this classic piece of Bristol bass. Originally released 2002, it received a repress in 2010 from an imprint of Peverlist’s label.