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The birth of… dub techno

Jamaica’s influence on the evolution of modern dance music is immense.  The reggae sound system diaspora in New York and London helped birth hip-hop, jungle and dubstep, along with a host of other sub-genres. But, surprisingly, it was in Berlin that dub collided with minimal techno and profoundly changed things. Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von […]

Nextup: Mark Henning – Sideways

Soma have had one hell of a year thus far and longtime collaborator Mark Henning‘s latest release on the label only adds to the quality of this years catalogue. Henning has been releasing on Soma since 2008 and the partnership has been a happy one. Old skool tracks such ‘Moody Bastard‘ and ‘I lost my brain at Wrinchout’ […]

Throwback guide: minimal vs. maximal techno

This month we’ve released two sub-genre guides, one on minimal techno and the other focusing maximal techno. The aim is to give a bit of a background to the two sub-genres and also throw out some pretty mint tunes from the past 30 years or so. This week, we’ll be looking at the two sub-genres together, and […]

Throwback: DJ Mehdi – Survivol

DJ Mehdi soon made a name for himself in Paris by joining hip-hop circles and producing beats for the likes of MC Solaar in the late 90’s. By the millennium, he had made worldwide acclaim as his production evolved into a more electronic sound. Signing to Ed Banger Records, he went on to release the […]

Throwback: Quando Quango – Love Tempo

What better way to celebrate Manchester’s music history by sticking this beauty on? ‘Love Tempo’ went on to become Quando Quango’s anthem record and could be argued the inspiration to the rise of Chicago House in the late 80’s. First released in 1983 on Factory Records, just after the opening of the world famous Haçienda […]

Nextup: Boddika & Joy Orbison – TMTT

In typical Boddika & Joy Orbison fashion, the release of TMTT has been delayed to the pivotal point of its popularity, generating as much hype as possible. ‘TMTT’ first appeared in Joy O’s Essential Mix last July and it wasn’t long before the YouTube rips of various tracks started to appear, claiming to be a product of the […]

Throwback: EBTG vs. Soul Vision – Tracey In My Room

Ben Watt, one half of Everything But The Girl, started to explore the realms of electronic music in the later stages of the band’s career, which is evident in the ‘Walking Wounded’ album released in 1996. Once the band had run it’s course, he started a new project concentrating on DJ and production work under […]