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Ruffy talks: Sesame Street

Okay, so this month‘s column is rather late. Seven weeks ago we welcomed our beautiful boy into the world and he’s been pretty much at the middle of everything since then and this article is no exception. There’s been plenty of music playing in the nursery; I’m doing my best to get the good stuff into […]

Ruffy talks: Digging

OK, so record digging has been around for a while. One key aspect of DJ culture is the concept of collecting. Humans love collecting things, right? Stamps, autographs, priceless works of art, ceramic frogs, you name it. Records are just another thing for us nerdy boys to get excited about collecting and there are a […]

Ruffy talks: Spaces

The first instalment of a new Nextup Throwback column from highly regarded crate-digger, Ruf Dug, founder of Dancers Wanted. It will focus on a different, topical theme each month. Be it local Mancunian music news or something in the grander scheme of things, Ruffy will give the inside scoop on each topic. ‘Spaces’ focuses on the new clubbing venues which have […]