Hairbrain is a night that runs irregular one-off dj and live music events in Manchester. It started off life as a monthly party in the upstairs of Saki Bar in Rusholme in 2007 where guests included acts as diverse as manchester psychedelic jam band Gnod, cult Irish punk poet Jinx Lennon, and electronic artists like Mmoths, Max Tundra, and Hudson Mohawke (who played his Manchester debut back in 2008 downstairs at Saki).

As part of the Future Everything festival Hairbrain screened Fritz Lang’s Metropolis with a live score by the krautrock pioneer Dieter Moebius of Cluster and Harmonia. This was the first the film had ever been officially screened with an alternative soundtrack. Whilst we love “head” music Hairbrain events are primarily about having a party.

Here’s a recent mix by one of the Hairbrain family- Dublin based designer and DJ Emmet Smyth, who will be warming up for Optimo. The mix is called input/output.

Catch Hairbrain on Facebook:


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