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Throwback: Jon E Cash- War For For

Heading up the ‘Sublow’ strain of early Grime, Jon E Cash was a big name as the scene transitioned from MC-led Garage to it’s more concrete form in the early 2000s. In fact, his movement was in the running to name the embryonic genre, with ‘8bar’, ‘Sublow’ and the eventually successful ‘Grime’ all being used […]

Nextup: Fatima Al Qadiri- Shanghai Freeway

The music of Fatima Al Qadiri has always been a fascinating shift in perspective in the world of grime and dubstep, bringing an approach both cerebral and highly charged with socio-cultural intrigue to a sound so focused on the streets that a world beyond Britain seems an irrelevant frippery. The Kuwait raised and Brooklyn educated […]

Nextup: LV & Joshua Idehen- Imminent

Working together again for the first time since the eminently danceable ‘Routes’ album in 2011, beatmakers LV and vocalist Joshua Idehen have done it again with new single ‘Imminent’. Featuring a blend of sounds that are best described as simply ‘London’, combining a funky pulse with twitchy dubstep synths underneath a vocal that alternates between a […]

Nextup: Mokona- Untitled

Getting a release over a year after being heard first by many on a Oneman Rinse set, coming 12th of May is your chance to grab ‘Untitled’ by Australia grime producer, Mokona (Ozki beat? OK, maybe not). Limited to a 300 copy vinyl pressing on Templar Sound, the discerning Sydney home to cutting edge grime, techno […]

Nextup/ Throwback: Dat Oven- Icy Lake

‘I just thought I’d call before I throw myself into the icy lake…’ When Billy Jarecki made a throwaway comment to his friend on a voicemail in the mid-90s, he couldn’t have imagined how it would reverberate through decades of dance music history to this very day. His voice twists and tumbles over itself to […]

Throwback: Chronik- I Blaze More Dan U (Eski)

You can stroke your chin and pontificate about pretty much any kind of music- I certainly do it enough. And there’s certainly enough to analyse of late, with countless releases that fall under into now the very wide umbrella term of grime. Branching out every which way and coalescing with various micro-genres, grime these days is as […]

Interview: Catchment (Free Download)

You heard their tunes on Radio One, maybe even caught yourself having a solo skank to their Rinse FM mix. Now’s your chance to get to know Catchment (or Alex Tyley and Chris Haggett as their mums know them), the ambitious Bournemouth/ London duo whose bassy house is storming the airwaves and moving hips across […]