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Nextup: Drake – Days in the East (free download)

Dropped today as a free download produced by OVO Records signing, PartyNextDoor, the lyrics in particular have brought ‘Days in the East’ to Nextup Throwback’s attention. Vocals from Drake include the undeniably odd lyrics /remember one night/ I went to Erykah Badu’s house/ she made tea for me/ these 5 seconds make the song a credible addition […]

Throwback: Erykah Badu – Fall In Love (Your Funeral)

My use of the word ‘smooth’ is perhaps too commonplace in most of my reviews, but it when it comes to best describing hip-hop goddess Erykah Badu’s style it is definitely appropriate. Usually Badu’s voice is enough to carry any production but the sample of Eddie Kendrick’s ‘Intimate Friends’ beat  especially complements her delivery. Simple in essence, ‘Fall in Love with me’ maintains […]