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Throwback 2015: Top five labels

We thought then we’d at least try and be a little more interesting, so here (in my totally biased and extremely techno-centric opinion), are the top five record labels of 2015…


Nextup: FJAAK – Gewerbe 15/Rush

It has been a glorious week, new releases from the likes of Gary Beck, Nicolas Massayeff and even a remix from the legend himself Robert Hood, have literally been music to my ears over the past few days. In the midst of this FJAAK¬†dropped their latest 12″ ‘Gewerbe 15/Rush’ on the 50 Weapons label, and […]

Throwback: FJAAK – Mind Games

FJAAK are a trio from Berlin who have been mates since childhood. At some point they had the bright idea of collaborating under one moniker and since they’ve they have gone from strength to strength. Last year they caught my attention when they released¬† the certified bangers ‘Don’t leave me‘ and ‘Plan A‘ on the […]