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Throwback 2015: Top five labels

We thought then we’d at least try and be a little more interesting, so here (in my totally biased and extremely techno-centric opinion), are the top five record labels of 2015…


A guide to… maximal techno

A couple weeks ago we opened up the first of our monthly features by focusing on ‘minimal’ techno and provided a brief look into its history and development with some of genres most important producers, labels and tracks. This week we’ll be going in the opposite direction and having a look at the ‘maximal’ sound. […]

Nextup: Gary Beck- Hentzi

Way back when in 2008, none other than Richie Hawtin pegged Glaswegian DJ and producer Gary Beck, along with 16 other DJ’s and producers, to go on to do big things. I can’t comment on the other 16, but unsurprisingly Richie Hawtin was spot on with his prediction about Beck. By this point in his […]