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Events worth leaving the house for: 1st – 7th December

Winter is here and whether we like it or not, the festive season is upon us. Term is also quickly drawing to a close which means deadlines reign supreme and a lot of the big heads in Manchester are gearing up for NYE. As ever though, there’s no shortage of quality nights to get yourself […]

Throwback: Frontin – Hipsters don’t dance

For the past eighteen months, Frontin’ has rocked dance floors across Manchester with their unique blend of Soca, tropical vibes and rum. Last Thursday at Joshua Brooks was no different, the promise of Hipsters Don’t Dance and the chance to see Frontin’ boss J Rus go B2B with long time collaborator Orfan, certainly did not […]

Nextup: Arma – Mariah

Arma’s ‘Mariah’ edit has been causing quite a stir since its release as a clip onto Soundcloud last month. Spooky, Plastician and Mele have all played it in recent radio shows or online mixes, and by listening to the two minute clip it is not hard to see why. First and foremost, its source material […]

Nextup: Murlo – Vertigo

Murlo is one of the leading lights of grime’s recent renaissance. His bright synths are wonderfully engineered, giving his songs a sense of colour and personality that sets him apart from his peers. While some of the new wave of grime music can be more directed toward provoking emotional response than generating club fire, a […]

Throwback: Jon E Cash- War For For

Heading up the ‘Sublow’ strain of early Grime, Jon E Cash was a big name as the scene transitioned from MC-led Garage to it’s more concrete form in the early 2000s. In fact, his movement was in the running to name the embryonic genre, with ‘8bar’, ‘Sublow’ and the eventually successful ‘Grime’ all being used […]

Nextup: Something Everything – Bok Bok, Metrodome, Oldboy & secret residents

Bok Bok for £4 on a Thursday night is definitely not to be sniffed at. Owner of grime label Night Slugs with L-Vis 1990, he’s produced some dancefloor weapons. Check out Melba’s Call released earlier this year on his Night Slugs label – not to mention Manchester veterans Oldboy and Metrodome playing bangerz on a no-nonsense, good times hype.

Events worth leaving the house for: November

With Winter setting in as the nights grow longer and Summer seems like a distant memory, a good night out provides comfort like a mug of mulled wine from the Christmas Markets (beginning 14th November). And boy, there’s a lot of them. Festivals are over so night clubs are reigning supreme. Check out the best […]