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Nextup clubnight: Hairbrain presents The Glimmers

Hairbrain have an impeccable track record. Their events are sporadic but always of the highest calibre – take their last guests, Scottish duo Optimo – where every punter leaves with a smile and the feeling they’ve been part of something special. One of their first guests was HudMo himself, gracing the tiny confines of Saki Bar. […]

Throwback: Last Magpie – Club Whore

Last Magpie is an intriguing producer as much of his work over the past few years borders on eclectic and exploratory and yet it never quite reaches that level. Instead the distinct US Garage influences he often draws from keep his music rather light and accessible. There is no doubt that nestled within his body […]

Interview: DJ Pierre for Connie’s Acid House Party

We caught up with DJ Pierre ahead of his performance for Connie’s Acid House Party at Joshua Brooks for an exclusive interview…

Throwback: Truss – Osbasten

Truss has been my man of the moment and I’ve been pouring over his releases ever since I saw him last Friday night when Transmission Funk took over the Joshua Brooks basement. They brought Truss, Clouds and a host of others, who delivered a night of thumping, unrelenting techno that almost seemed too gritty for that much beloved basement and […]

Nextup: Something Everything – Bok Bok, Metrodome, Oldboy & secret residents

Bok Bok for £4 on a Thursday night is definitely not to be sniffed at. Owner of grime label Night Slugs with L-Vis 1990, he’s produced some dancefloor weapons. Check out Melba’s Call released earlier this year on his Night Slugs label – not to mention Manchester veterans Oldboy and Metrodome playing bangerz on a no-nonsense, good times hype.

Nextup clubnight: Frontin’ (Interview with J Rus)

For over a year now, Joshua Brooks has played host to one of the finest club nights that Manchester’s Dancehall scene has to offer. Every month the boys from Frontin’ host a night where Rum and Ragga flow smoothly and seamlessly, the emphasis is on the music and the funky vibes and as a regular […]

Throwback: Steffi @ Joshua Brooks

Dirty techno from the likes of Steffi is best suited to a place which is ugly, dark and loud. Luckily Joshua Brooks ticks these boxes… Everyone familiar with techno has heard of the Berghain, a formidable Berlin super club which opens on Thursdays and shuts three days later, clubbing warriors emerging triumphant after dancing away the past […]