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Events worth leaving the house for: March

Spring has sprung! Or it will be springing, at the end of the month. And what a month it is, with more events than you can shake a well-tuned stick at. Once again like we did last month, the events will be organised into rough genres, with sections for house, techno, grime/bass, disco and ‘other’. […]

Mssingno- XE2 (Spooky V.I.P)

Slew Dem’s Spooky here taking a break from his usual smash-grab grime with a slightly more introspective take on Mssingno’s modern day classic ‘XE2’ (too early to call? Whatever). Slightly being the operative term here, as there seems to be a limit to how low-key you can manage after a career producing blitzkrieg daggering anthems. […]