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Throwback: Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts 6

Motor City Drum Ensemble is a producer I have loved for a long time. The German born producer creates a sound very different to the bass heavy minimal noise like his native counterparts such as Ben Klock. He goes for more of a jazzy, soul and Chicago house orientated vibe during his sets – think […]

Nextup: Palace – Way I Feel

Starting off deceptively understated with a cheeky, simple and relentless keyboard skip introducing the first track on his ‘Dreamscape’ EP, the song bounces into a deep beat and distorted, repetitive voice reverberating in the background. Continuing in this strain, the last few seconds of the sample end with a very tantalising bass drum which hints […]

Nextup: Max Graef – Zitze

Coming across this track after a casual perusal of Soundcloud, it contains an exceptionally funky beat which implores you to dance. It is easy to imagine Andres using it in one of his sets or Theo Parrish picking up on the danceabiility of the track. With cowbells, an awesome key riff and gospel-inspired vocals in […]

Nextup: Omar – Come On (Kahwe Edit) FREE DOWNLOAD

This song comes from little known, Leeds-based producer Kahwe. Kahwe is part of a group called ‘Transmission Collective’ which started 2 years ago and have been putting on club nights, making art and producing tunes as a group ever since. Making mainly disco and house, their tunes tend to be very uplifting and never fail […]

Throwback Music: Apparat – Goodbye

Taken from ‘The Devil’s Wake’ for Breaking Bad, Season 4 Episode 13. Beautiful, broken vocals eclipse this sweet and melancholy tune. Released: 2011 – Kim Kahan

Throwback: Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music

Released in 1976, this funk/disco classic hit number one in the Billboard Top 100 in September that year. It always comes on in old skool clubs, and is one of those classics that half of our generation know from going out, consequently being able to sing the entire chorus without actually knowing who sings it. […]

Throwback: The Correspondents – I Wanna Be Like You

I was brought to ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ by a chance encounter with The Correspondents back in 2011 at Bestival. It is a brilliant cover of Jungle Book’s most famous song. After wandering around aimlessly we came across a packed tent which was going off… at 1pm. Despite the early stage time the tent […]