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Nextup: Slam – Parallel Phase

Slam and their beautifully dark brainchild Soma had an absolutely stunning 2015 and this far into their illustrious career they really have little left to prove. 2016 happens to be Soma’s 25th anniversary and they show no signs of slowing down. The album itself is a proper example of some gloriously uncompromising techno, packed with […]

Throwback 2015: Top five labels

We thought then we’d at least try and be a little more interesting, so here (in my totally biased and extremely techno-centric opinion), are the top five record labels of 2015…

Nextup: Rebekah – Confined Heart/Kill Floor

The two words Rebekah and Soma in the same sentence should be enough to get most heads excited before a single hi-hat is laid down and with good reason. Rebekah is someone whose music you never want to miss – her production is so tight that she makes it sound easy – a true mark […]

Nextup: Mark Henning – Sideways

Soma have had one hell of a year thus far and longtime collaborator Mark Henning‘s latest release on the label only adds to the quality of this years catalogue. Henning has been releasing on Soma since 2008 and the partnership has been a happy one. Old skool tracks such ‘Moody Bastard‘ and ‘I lost my brain at Wrinchout’ […]

Nextup: Gary Beck- Hentzi

Way back when in 2008, none other than Richie Hawtin pegged Glaswegian DJ and producer Gary Beck, along with 16 other DJ’s and producers, to go on to do big things. I can’t comment on the other 16, but unsurprisingly Richie Hawtin was spot on with his prediction about Beck. By this point in his […]

Nextup: Monoloc – Cupel

Monoloc was recently in town for Grey Area’s launch party at Joshua Brooks, where the techno devotee purportedly delivered an absolute belter of a set. Here we are exploring his work as a producer however, and not as a DJ, taking a look at his recent label debut with the exciting Scottish techno label, Soma. […]