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Ruffy talks: the DJ Harvey effect

“Recently I discovered a fantastic album – ‘Rain Forest Music’ by J.D. Emmanuel. It’s an old New Age album from 1981, it’s exactly what you might think it is from the title – lots of animal noises and some plinky plonky synths that aren’t too offensive. Lovely stuff. Recently this kind of New Age music […]

Ruffy talks: Digging

OK, so record digging has been around for a while. One key aspect of DJ culture is the concept of collecting. Humans love collecting things, right? Stamps, autographs, priceless works of art, ceramic frogs, you name it. Records are just another thing for us nerdy boys to get excited about collecting and there are a […]

Nextup: Einerlei – Escapism EP

Leeds’ based Slipstone Records are a new small label with the commendable direction of presenting music from ‘undiscovered artists delivering emotive music across the house and techno spectrum’. Following up from Kesper’s inaugural Moonwalk EP, they welcome newcomer Einerlei for their second release. Einerlei’s Escapism EP is remarkably mature material for a debut release. His production is […]